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Wireless Mouse Not Working On Windows 10

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Is the Copy and Paste function in your computer not working? Don’t worry, this post has 7 solutions specifically tailored to help you deal with this issue. Moreover, it also shows you how to backup data when this issue happens. It may so happen, that if your system has installed malware, then it can cause problems with the copy and paste function. You can easily scan your system with an effective antivirus program to see if there is an installed malware that’s interrupting the basic functioning of the computer.

  • When too many programs are opened at the same time, the Windows 10 laptop will be low on system resources and then run slowly, sometimes even freeze.
  • Well, this does not requires a computer geek a normal users can perform the PC maintenance tasks by their in just a couple of minute.
  • There’s no way to live stream directly from a mobile phone or the browser.
  • Hi, I wanna stream on discord but unfortunately my preview screen is on a forever loading screen and then it times out and closes.
  • To let your Windows 10 PC see other network computers and devices and make it visible to other network computers, you can turn on network discovery.

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